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Saving a 1979 Alvarez Guitar From The Dump

We don't spend *all* of our time making sawdust at Third Coast Woodwork. I was helping a friend move a few day ago and we were carting a bunch of stuff to the dump. There was this cheap, water-damaged chipboard acoustic guitar case in his garage that we were about to throw into the trailer when he popped it open. Inside was a neglected, yet nice looking, OM guitar.

A quick look revealed a 1979 Made-In-Japan Alvarez with a solid spruce top and laminated rosewood back/sides. It needed some help (a full set up, including a lowered saddle; securing a couple of loose top braces; dehumidifying; mildew remediation), but it turned out to be a nice little guitar.

The bass is still fairly muted, but it's in desperate need of new strings and I didn't have an appropriate set in the shop. Once it's strung with a set of Phosphor Bronze custom lights and I slot the bridge to increase the break angle of the strings, it should improve in volume, sustain, and bass response.

Fair warning, I'm not a musician.

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