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Kitchen Paddle - Large
Kitchen Paddle - Large
Kitchen Paddle - Large
Birdseye Maple Kitchen Paddle on a Cast Iron Pan
A set of Kitchen Paddles in a jar on the counter

Kitchen Paddle - Large

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The large kitchen paddle is the Swiss Army knife of our kitchen. 

We use them on the stove for stir-frying, sauteing, stirring sauces and soups, and even flipping small burgers, grilled sandwiches, and flatbreads. They make great salad tongs and serving utensils at our dining table, are perfect rice paddles, and even work wonderfully as countertop and cutting board scrapers. 

We use them so often that we keep a wide-mouth Mason jar filled with a dozen of them on the countertop. They're easily the most-used accessory in our own kitchen and we think they will be in yours, too!

The large kitchen paddle is offered in locally-sourced Birdseye maple, walnut, and cherry. 

Long - 13" x 1.5" x 0.25" 

NOTE:  While the photographs on this page are of our actual products, wood is a wonderfully diverse natural material and the exact look of your product will be determined by the tree from which it is made. Variation from product to prouduct is expected and normal.

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