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Group of Birdseye Maple Bar size cutting and serving boards
Overhead image of a Birdseye Maple large bar cutting and serving board
Detail of the corner and edge profile on a Birdseye Maple cutting and serving board
Detail of the smooth, polished finish on a Birdseye Maple cutting and serving board
Large Birdseye maple bar cutting and serving board with hole
Small Birdseye maple bar cutting and serving board

Birdseye Maple Bar Board

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Our Birdseye Maple Collection bar boards are the perfect choice when you need to slice a few limes or lemons to garnish your cocktails. They're also an elegant serving board for a one- or two-person selection of cheese or fruit to accompany a glass of wine or a tall pint of cold Saison.

While some of us (Jeremy) think the small bar board is undersized for the kitchen, others (Cassandra) find that it's the board they reach for the most. Speaking as a parent, it's also a great board for youngsters who are lending a helping hand. Both of our sons have their own and use them to cut fruit and make sandwiches almost every day.

At 14 inches long, the large offers plenty of real estate to cut lemons, limes, herbs, or anything else that your mixology demands, but its slim 7-inch depth will still fit comfortably behind the bar without crowding the bartender or your guests. It's also a great cutting board for a small kitchen and features a hanging hole so that it can be displayed on the wall when not in use

Approximate size: 

Small - 6" x 9" x 3/4" thick; 
Large - 7" x 14" x 3/4" thick.

NOTE: Birdseye Maple Collection boards are usually made to order in our shop and delivered to you in 2 to 3 weeks. 

While the photographs on this page are of our actual products, wood is a wonderfully diverse natural material and the exact look of your board will be determined by the tree from which it is made. Variation from board to board is expected and normal.