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Extra Large Rectangular Birdseye maple cutting and serving board with hole
Large wood cutting board made from birdseye maple.
A large birdseye maple cutting board is a great wedding gift for a couple with everything
A large wood cutting board is a great handmade gift idea.
The XL Rectangular Birdseye maple cutting board is a unique gift.
Birdseye maple is the best wood for a cutting board.

Birdseye Maple XL Board

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When large isn't large enough. 

When you need to cut an entire bushel of produce. 

When Uncle Eddie might pull up in his RV and crash your dinner party at any moment. 

Or, when you just want a really, really big cutting board made from some of the most beautiful wood on the planet. 

The birdseye maple XL board is for all of those situations, plus a few more. 

As with our large (but, apparently, not large enough!) rectangular cutting board, the XL doubles as a spectacular serving board, especially when ordered without the hanging hole. 

Seriously. This thing is big and awesome.

Approximate size: 15" x 18" x 3/4" thick

NOTE: Birdseye Maple Collection boards are usually made to order in our shop and delivered to you in 2 to 3 weeks. 

While the photographs on this page are of our actual products, wood is a wonderfully diverse natural material and the exact look of your board will be determined by the tree from which it is made. Variation from board to board is expected and normal.