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Normal Care and Maintenance

Caring for your wood cutting board or kitchen utensil is very straight-forward and easy.

  1. NEVER put your wood boards or utensils in the dishwasher and NEVER let them soak in water.
  2. After use, handwash your wood board or utensil with warm, soapy water, then immediately towel dry. 
  3. To prevent warping or cupping, let your wood cutting board completely air dry before putting it away for storage. You might prop it up against a pan, lean it against a wall, or place it on a cutting board stand or plate stand to allow good airflow on both sides of the board. Don't simply lay it flat on the countertop unless your board has rubber feet on the bottom to allow for proper airflow. 
  4. About once a month, lightly scrub your dry board or utensil with a green ScotchBrite-style scrubby to remove any 'fuzzies', then oil it with coconut oil or mineral oil (like THIRD COAST WOODWORK's Board Oil or Board Balm). 

If you want your board or utensil to look like new, follow step 4 more often (as frequently as every wash, if you want). If you don't care how your board or utensil looks and just want it to function well for a long time, follow step 4 about once every 6 months or so.